New Humans
When I shoot, I really want to create a new world, something different. I decided to realize "New Humans" because I wanted to talk about our society. These new humans want to resolve problems, create a new way of thinking. I want to show selfish and stylish humans. With these glitters, my models have a new skin. 
No identity. No sex. No religion.

Le Temps des Femmes
From the moment I took my first photo shots, I have been drawn to women in particular. I already had in mind the name of some of the greatest photographers such as Peter Lindbergh, Helmut Newton or Jean-François Jonvelle. Growing up, I was always surrounded by women. This is the reason why I wanted to show who and what they were. They are strong, full of energy and show a spirit which is impressive, obvious and unbeatable. The main thing I look for when shooting and also in the final pictures is to create such a close intimacy that all those qualities are brought to light. I have to be as aesthetic and neat as possible and the quality of my photos is one of my main priorities. That’s the reason why I need to know who the person in front of my camera is. I try to answer all of these questions while shooting in order to create the most perfect image of the woman I have in front of me or, at least, get the closest I can. “Although I’m eighteen, I’m a photographer since two years. It took me a year of selfteaching in the main photo techniques before I could start working on my personal projects.
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